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Neapolitan Babà

From Poland to Paris this simple and delicious dessert that honors the tables of Neapolitan Sunday, has become one of the most popular and consumed in the world.

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Moussakà - Flan by Greece

A delight greek that has nothing to envy to our own pies! Yummy!

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Génoise with strawberries

A French delight colorful and fresh; a feast for the eyes and the palate!

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Creme brulée

The cream more beloved by the French; refined, delicately sophisticated not only a cream ... it's much, much more!

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Swiss roll with coffee

The preparation of this roll is really quick and easy and the result was a bomb tasty and energizing! Excellent!

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Pissaladiere (Pissaladière)

From the beautiful French Riviera, an appetizer tasty and easy to prepare.

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Perhaps the most famous of all the chocolate cakes. Serve with lightly whipped cream but still soft, sweetened with vanilla icing sugar. A real treat.

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Peruvian cake of the sun

Delicious cake made with canned peaches that in the heat of the taste recall the warmth of South America.

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