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Calabrian crustoli

The Calabria, in the Christmas days brings on table the crustoli; delicious fried dumplings covered entirely with honey! Simple to prepare, hard to resist!

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Dutch potato fritters (Gromperekichelcher)

Great to carry around, suitable for a picnic or a trip you can enjoy them for a walk! Really delicious!

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The sanguinaccio is a chocolate cream typical of the Carnival time and present in many Italian regions; if accompanied with Chiacchiere or Ladyfingers is really the most tasty sweets you could desire in the cold winter evenings!

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Neapolitan Babà

From Poland to Paris this simple and delicious dessert that honors the tables of Neapolitan Sunday, has become one of the most popular and consumed in the world.

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Potatoes donuts by Puglia

So sweet and so good these potatoes donuts by Puglia; along with other sweet specialties, enrich and smell the long Christmas tables!

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Cartellate by Puglia

Are the highlight of Puglia pastries, symbol of the holiday, this typical Christmas sweets is proposed in the version of Bari, where, instead of honey, finds the must or cooked figs.

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Fried calzoni by Naples

This nifty "take away" to be realized in a short time will delight your dinners with friends!

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Ragù by Napoli

Its scent spreads through the narrow streets and squares intoxicating the passer ... In Naples, the first taste is made with the sauce in the pot still: it sinks a nice piece of bread in the "red glowing sauce" and you give yourself to a unique pleasure ..

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